Important facts to know about melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is the peptide suppression which navigators for the natural secretion of the melanin hormone. It is made inside the skin, and it is exposed when the exposure of the sun makes our skin to get tanned. As we know that there are two options that you have to get the perfect tan of your body and it is that melanotan 2 and melanotan 1.

Both are the best option, but they are entirely different from each other. Melanotan 1 is the lower dosage that’s why it takes more time to give you the result but on the other hand, the second option gives you the rapid result.

The medicine produces the hormone, and the name is melanin, it regulates the pigment in our skin which is essential for the tanned skin. There are some things which you must know about the melanotan two if you are going to take it.

Storage and shelf life of the melanotan 2

The first thing is how you can store and what is about the shelf life of the medicine? Both the medicine that means the melanotan 2 and melanotan 1 comes as white freeze dried lyophilized powder in the sealed package. The medicine sold in the 10 mg size because of the lower dosage gives you the freshness and decrease the time of the travel.

You will be glad to know that melanotan 2 peptides will be stable and durable when they are going to ship. In the summer season, the medicine also travels without facing any problem.

Which one is better- injection, oral and nasal?

The medicine comes in different forms that’s why all are good in their own way; it depends on you that which you will select. The main thing is that the injection is the most effective way to get the peptide and the result of this form will be quick and good.

If you want to get the best form for the effective and rapid result, then you should prefer the injection.

Maintenance and loading dosage

The last thing is that the dosage for the maintenance you start until you don’t get the desired result of the tanning body. Once you get the perfect body tan, then you should take the dosage of the medicine once in a week with the little exposure, just to maintain the tan.

Hope that you are being satisfied with the above-mentioned information. These are some of the essential facts which everyone should know when they are using melanotan 2 for tanning skin.