What are the adverse effects of melanotan 2?

Melanotan 2 and melanotan 1 are the best peptides which are made for those people who love to get tanned skin. For this they don’t want to spend much time in the sun, it is the easiest and most comfortable way. In this, you don’t sit in the sun or no need to take the sun basking.

When you take medicine without taking the doctor’s prescription, then you may face some side effects. Before taking medicine you should know about their side effects, if you want to know, then you are at the right place. Here we are going to consider some of the common side effects which you face in the few days of taking medicine.

Side effects are as follows:-

  • Facial flushing

When people are using medicine, then some of them are facing the facial flushing. It means that the feeling of the warmness and after that redness on the face. This effect you face in between the 2 to 4 hours of taking medicine. If you face it for longer, then you should contact your doctor.

  • Vomiting

The next thing is that some of the people are facing vomiting as their side effect, mainly it is so common, but if you are facing it continuously, then you have to make the immediate call to your doctor.

Injection site reactions

As we know that the medicine also takes in the form of the injection for their effective result. Some of the people are facing some severe allergic reactions due to it. Few people are experiencing the lump at the site and red in color. Due to this form, some people are facing itching problem. If it disappears in a week, then it is common, but if it is not that, then it becomes dangerous.

  • Stomach cramping

Few people are experiencing the stomach cramps after taking the 2-3 dosages of the medicine. It is not common side effects, but you don’t have to worry about this thing.

  • Uneven pigmentation

It is the rarest side effects of the medicine that is the irregular pigmentation or darkening the skin. If you take the overdose of the medicine, then you will face this side effect.

Finally, these are the information related to the adverse effects of the melanotan 2. If you don’t know about the right dosage of the medicine, then you have to consult with your doctor.